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Church Burning Was “Deliberate”

A fire that destroyed a Catholic Church in California is being called “deliberate” by authorities, according to the California Catholic Daily. Investigators suspect arson in a fire that destroyed St. John Vianney Church in Hacienda Heights over the weekend. “The… Continue Reading →

California Town Drops Flag from Fireman Uniform

A town in California has dropped the flag from their firefighter’s uniform. But don’t worry, they assure us, it has nothing to do with lack of patriotism. They just want everyone to match all pretty like. No, that’s seriously the… Continue Reading →

Transgender Golfer Sues LPGA for Acceptance

A transgender golfer (who used to be a SWAT Team member) is suing the LPGA to join the tour. The LPGA, however, says their rules are that you have to be born a woman so he/she’s in the rough on… Continue Reading →

Bill Protects Clergy Opposed to Gay Marriage? No.

This is absolutely hilarious that they think this will work. Not only would we have to drink the Kool-Aid to accept this, the Kool-Aid would have to be spiked with lots and lots of grain alcohol. The California legislature just… Continue Reading →

California Goes Batty

After a high school baseball player was hit in the head by a line drive some dingbat California legislator is bringing the idea of Nanny state to a new level. Democrat Assembly member Jared Huffman introduced a bill to make… Continue Reading →

Is Charlie Brown Their Mayor?

I just can’t stop laughing at this. The tree you’re looking at is actually the city of Concord’s official Christmas tree. I know times are tough right now but is California suffering a shortage of decent trees too? This is… Continue Reading →

Taxing Life to Fund Death

The state of California has long been driving at unsafe speeds towards the cliffs of fiscal insanity. Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger came in and just stepped on the gas a little harder. Now, instead of searching for spending reductions to… Continue Reading →

Prop 8 Donors Fear for Their Lives…Yawn

With several groups and websites like “Californians Against Hate” and others listing the names and addresses of people who contributed to the Proposition 8 campaign, death threats and intimidation tactics are commonplace enough to inspire one man to file a… Continue Reading →

We the…Who?

California’s top law enforcement officer today filed a brief opposing the will of the people. Yeah, well you remember all that “We the People” stuff you learned in school? Well forget it. Attorney General Jerry Brown filed a legal brief… Continue Reading →

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