After a high school baseball player was hit in the head by a line drive some dingbat California legislator is bringing the idea of Nanny state to a new level.

Democrat Assembly member Jared Huffman introduced a bill to make aluminum bats illegal. That’s right. Illegal for one year.

Hugh Hewitt writes:

This bill is opposed by pretty much every key organization in the baseball world, including Little League International, Babe Ruth League Inc., USA Baseball and PONY Baseball and Softball. These organizations have all published letters or memos and the subject, and they all say very much the same things.

First, by comparison to other youth sports, baseball if among the safest if not the safest sport.

Next, the best, most recent research does not support the idea that aluminum bats are significantly more dangerous than wood bats. In fact, it is impossible to compare the two because wood bats can and do break and splinter, and an increase in their usage will cause some sorts of injuries to increase.

California is essentially chasing businesses away with their confiscatory tax rates and now they’re trying to chase Little League away?

One has to ask, is there any issue that should not be handled by government? I guess not. Now, if they wanted to discuss a law banning the designated hitter I’d be willing to consider it.