CBS3 in Chicago reports that a judge has legally barred a father from taking his child to Church because, according to the mother, a Christian Service would “confuse” the child and cause her “irreperable harm.”

I can believe that this argument is going on but what I can’t believe is that a judge would sign off on something this crazy. And make no mistake, this is crazy:

A father has been hit with an unusual restraining order: Keep his daughter away from any religion that is not Jewish. After the girl’s parents split up, the father went to a Catholic church and had the girl baptized, CBS station WBBM-TV reports.

Joseph Reyes, 35, had his daughter baptized and sent his ex-wife a picture of the ceremony.

Rebecca Reyes says she only learned of her daughter’s Baptism when Joseph sent her the picture, and that he sent it out of malice. Joseph Reyes denies this.

“I sent it because Rebecca asked me for pictures,” he said.

Rebecca Reyes says she wants her daughter raised Jewish, and that her husband pledged to do so, even going so far as to convert to Judaism himself.

“That’s not accurate,” he responded. “I’m not going to call her a liar, but … at the very least she’s mistaken regarding that conversation.”

…Reyes’ divorce attorney, Joel Brodsky, said when he first saw the petition for a temporary restraining order against his client, he couldn’t believe what he was reading.

“I almost fell off my chair,” he said. “I thought maybe we were in Afghanistan and this was the Taliban. This is America. We have a First Amendment right of freedom of religion.”

The restraining order asks the judge to bar Joseph from taking his daughter to church. According to the petition, failure to restrain him will “continue to the emotional detriment of the child.”

Rebecca and her attorneys declined to go on camera but they did release the following statement: “We stand by our petition. We feel the judge will do whatever is best for the child.”

The attorney for Joseph Reyes says he will appeal Friday’s order.

What kind of judge would allow something like this? Lunacy. Pure and simple.

Something tells me that if the father were Muslim, this restraining order wouldn’t have been approved.