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Do Newt’s Divorces Play a Role in Your Decision?

I’m not really a Newt fan. I’ll take him over Obama, of course but I’m talking in the primary. There’s a lot about the guy that I don’t really trust. But I don’t trust Mitt either. I like most of… Continue Reading →

New Law: No Sex Until Divorce

Fox in Boston is reporting the upside-down-ness of our culture has reached the tipping point. We are now completely mad. For generations, society looked askance at premarital sex. First, that was done away with so there was no shame at… Continue Reading →

Dad Barred from Taking Child to Church?

CBS3 in Chicago reports that a judge has legally barred a father from taking his child to Church because, according to the mother, a Christian Service would “confuse” the child and cause her “irreperable harm.” I can believe that this… Continue Reading →

Once Upon a Time Daddy Wished You Dead

Now, this is awkward. Mom wants to tell daughter they considered aborting her. Dad wonders if he should be the one to break the news to her that he and her Mom considered ripping her limb from limb. What to… Continue Reading →

What A Copt Out

Normally I would be applauding a development like this, but not this time. From the NYT Cairo‚Äôs highest civil court on Saturday ruled that 12 Christians who had converted to Islam could return to their original church, ending a bitter… Continue Reading →

German Pol Proposes Seven-Year Limit on Marriages

A German politician on Wednesday proposed making marriage contracts expire after seven years, with the option to renew for those not feeling the proverbial itch. “I propose that marriages lapse after seven years,” Gabriele Pauli told reporters in Munich. “This… Continue Reading →

Marriage is the New Dating

I went to a wedding yesterday. They really are amazing events when you let yourself think about them; about the magnitude of the event we witness. Thus you can see why my mood was spoiled a little bit when I… Continue Reading →

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