Normally I would be applauding a development like this, but not this time. From the NYT

Cairo’s highest civil court on Saturday ruled that 12 Christians who had converted to Islam could return to their original church, ending a bitter yearlong battle over identity and minority rights.

Sounds like great news, right? Not so much. Sure, this is a breakthrough for the law and courts in an Islamic country. So why am I not applauding? Let’s find out why these 12 ‘Christians’ converted to Islam in the first place.

The case involved Coptic Christians who had converted to Islam to obtain a divorce. The Coptic Orthodox Church does not allow dissolving a marriage. Islamic law, however, allows men to end a marriage easily.

These ‘Christians’ converted to Islam to seek an easy divorce. What a Copt out. Never mind. Anyway, perhaps the Coptic church should consider telling Islam, thanks….but no thanks. You keep ’em. If you want back in, you gotta take your wife with you. And your Mother-in-law as penance.

Ht to First Things Blog