I’m not really a Newt fan. I’ll take him over Obama, of course but I’m talking in the primary. There’s a lot about the guy that I don’t really trust. But I don’t trust Mitt either.

I like most of his stances on things although I’ve called his campaign several times asking about his stance on embryonic stem cell research for which I haven’t received a response. There’s some indication that he’s changed his mind on that one in a good way but I’m unsure. I’ll keep trying.

But something keeps popping up in my mind about Newt is that he’s been married three times. Now, if someone tells me that they’ve been married three times and divorced twice and they were involved in infidelities I’m automatically thinking this isn’t my kind of guy. I know it’s judgmental but I’m telling you the truth. I’m not saying I spit on the dude and banish him from the community but I’m thinking we ain’t gonna’ be peeps.

On top of that he says things like:

“There’s no question at times of my life, partially driven by how passionately I felt about this country, that I worked far too hard and things happened in my life that were not appropriate.”

So your passion for the country made you get a divorce? See, I thought it was your girlfriend.

But on the other hand as a Catholic I believe that people have the ability to change radically and quickly. My life turned around pretty quickly many years ago so I’m open to it. So how do you…process Newt’s two divorces and admitted infidelities? Do you ignore it because he could very well be a very different person now, especially with his conversion to the Catholic Church? Do you think that if your wife can’t trust you, why should I?

So I guess where I’m stuck is on not wanting to be judgmental because I have absolutely zero idea what went on in his marriage along with the possibility of his conversion. But I can’t get it into my head that it’s a complete non issue.

I’m interested in your thoughts.