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Newt’s Acting Offended by DeNiro’s Comment

Newt Gingrich is blasting the Obama campaign for a supposedly “inexcusable” comment from Robert Deniro at a fundraiser with Michelle Obama. But here’s the thing. What DeNiro said just isn’t offensive. Look, there’s plenty of reasons to be offended by… Continue Reading →

Newt’s Complaints Show Why He Might Not Be Ready for Obama

Politics is about money. I’ve been involved in enough campaigns to understand that. The main job of a candidate in any political race is to raise money. It’s not to give speeches. It’s not to talk to the press. Those… Continue Reading →

Newt Should Not Make This Guy Mad

What song is it that everyone in the world listens to to get all pumped up? That’s right. Eye of the Tiger. Well, the guy who wrote “Eye of the Tiger” is mad at Newt. It would seem to me… Continue Reading →

Is It Unchristian to Not Trust Newt?

Pat’s been pretty tough on Newt here and he’s gotten some pretty nasty hate mail in return on that. But we’re cool with that. You want to see hate mail, check out the times that Pat said nasty things about… Continue Reading →

A Santorum Victory! Who Else Won?

Yeah Santorum technically lost by eight votes in Iowa last night but if you can’t see that last night was a huge victory for former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum you’re just not paying attention. And here’s the thing -it’s possible… Continue Reading →

Et Tu Santorum?

Julie Robison of Corner with a View writes this guest post about her take on Newt and Rick Santorum. As you might imagine, Patrick, who hearts him some Santorum, disagrees. Here’s Julie: Friends, Catholics, countrymen, lend me your ears; I… Continue Reading →

Newt Hates Him Some Fertilized Eggs

I’ll ask again -what the heck is a fertilized egg? You have sperm. You have egg. When the two meet you don’t call it a happy sperm or a fertilized egg. It’s an embryo, a fetus, a baby. That’s it… Continue Reading →

Do Newt’s Divorces Play a Role in Your Decision?

I’m not really a Newt fan. I’ll take him over Obama, of course but I’m talking in the primary. There’s a lot about the guy that I don’t really trust. But I don’t trust Mitt either. I like most of… Continue Reading →

Will Newt’s Conversion to Catholicism Change His Perspective on ESC?

In the past, Newt Gingrich has been for federal funding of embryonic stem cell research, according to quotes that Ramesh Ponnuru unearthed today on The Corner. In 2001, during the same time that President Bush was being pushed to federally… Continue Reading →

A Pro-Life Catholic GOP Nominee?!

So if you had told me a month ago that a pro-life Catholic man was looking strong for the GOP nomination I would’ve thought that Santorum’s campaign caught fire or Governor Bobby Jindal entered the race. But alas neither of… Continue Reading →

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