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Jesus is the New Peanut Butter

My kids can’t bring Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to school anymore because there’s a kid who’s “nut intolerant” or something. I don’t want a kid to get sick so I’m cool with it. But I’m thinking that Jesus is… Continue Reading →

Gymnast Refuses to Compete on Sabbath

This is good to see. It’s a little like Chariots of Fire. But with second graders. And gymnasts rather than runners. But other than that it’s kinda’ the same. The AP reports: When 7-year-old Amalya Knapp took the beam at… Continue Reading →

Rabbi: Sexpionage is Cool

This make sense? You can have sex in the spy game if it’s a matter of national security, says a rabbi. And it gets weirder from there. Haaretz reports: An Israeli rabbi has given his blessing to female agents of… Continue Reading →

Is The Politico Anti-Semitic?

The Politico reports that Republican Eric Cantor, like 70% of Americans, is against the construction of the Ground Zero Mosque. But notice what The Politico goes out of their way to report: Rep. Eric Cantor, one of the highest-ranking Jewish… Continue Reading →

Bacon So Awesome, Even Jews Love It!

Now this is funny.ht to FailBlog.org

Dad Barred from Taking Child to Church?

CBS3 in Chicago reports that a judge has legally barred a father from taking his child to Church because, according to the mother, a Christian Service would “confuse” the child and cause her “irreperable harm.” I can believe that this… Continue Reading →

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