The Politico reports that Republican Eric Cantor, like 70% of Americans, is against the construction of the Ground Zero Mosque. But notice what The Politico goes out of their way to report:

Rep. Eric Cantor, one of the highest-ranking Jewish lawmakers, says Muslims building a community center in lower Manhattan are “insensitive” and “not interested in healing or bringing people together.”

And then in case you didn’t get it, they point it out once more, you know in case you didn’t understand that he is…you know…a Joooooooooo!

Cantor, who is the only Jewish Republican in the House, added President Barack Obama’s comments about the mosque didn’t help and “continued to grow the frustration of the American people.”

Will other congressman also have their religious affiliation pointed out in news stories about the mosque, like Harry Reid’s Mormonism? Don’t think so.

In case, The Politico has forgotten here’s a good way to remember if they’re being prejudiced.

The Politico is in a boat with an old time editor.

Politico: Sir, the Creative Minority Report says I’m prejudiced.
Editor: Well, who is Eric Cantor?
Politico: He’s that Jewish congressman.
Editor: Then you are prejudiced.