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Chomsky: Christians Defend Israel Becase They Hate Jews…or Something

This is painful. Maybe Noam Chomsky used to be a bright guy but here his thinking is shallow and just plain dumb. Maybe he was always like that, I don’t know. But his suppositions in this short vid are just… Continue Reading →

Wanna’ See Kirsten Dunst Squirm

While at a presser in Cannes, the director of Kirsten Dunst’s latest movie says he gets pleasure from being a Nazi. And then he criticizes Israel. And says he sympathizes with Hitler. What a boob. Doesn’t he realize he could’ve… Continue Reading →

Is The Politico Anti-Semitic?

The Politico reports that Republican Eric Cantor, like 70% of Americans, is against the construction of the Ground Zero Mosque. But notice what The Politico goes out of their way to report: Rep. Eric Cantor, one of the highest-ranking Jewish… Continue Reading →

Dem: My Opponents Taking Jooooo Money!!!!!

If poll numbers are to be believed some Jewish people are waking up and wondering why they’ve been supporting the radical left which hasn’t exactly been pro Israel or pro-Jew for a while. If an exodus from the Democrat Party… Continue Reading →

Anti-Octopism is All the Rage Now

Remember Paul the Octopus who predicted the winner of seven straight World Cup matches? Well, now Iranian regime President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad attacked Paul the Octopus in a speech this weekend in Tehran. Gateway Pundit reported: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian leader,… Continue Reading →

Comedy Central Attacks Israel

Remember, this is the channel that bowed down to Islamic extremists and will soon be airing a sitcom about Jesus. And now watch how offensive and anti-semitic this online game on their website is. Weasel Zippers writes: The first line… Continue Reading →

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