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Secret Confessions of Surrogate Mothers

*subhead*Not just buns in the oven.*subhead* The Catholic Church is perceived to be anti-science. That perception is completely false, of course. The Church is one of the few institutions left that actually looks at human biology and acknowledges the facts…. Continue Reading →

Baby Dev’s Story Illustrates Surrogacy’s Incredibly Dark Side

*subhead*”Extra” babies sold on the black market*subhead* The hidden camera footage reveals the Indian restaurant is crowded, and the ambient noise of fellow diners all around makes it hard to hear. But Gianna Toboni, an investigative reporter from HBO’s documentary… Continue Reading →

Thai Surrogacy Scandal: The Difference Between Begotten and Made

*subhead*Kids are gifts, not products.*subhead* You have likely heard the surrogacy story that has recently made headlines all over the world. An Australian couple hired a Thai woman to carry their IVF embryos. She gave birth to twins, a boy… Continue Reading →

Surrogacy: Hollywood vs. Reality

*subhead*”The New Normal” ain’t normal.*subhead* In everything there is the Hollywood version, and then there is the reality. Unfortunately these days no one seems to be able to tell the difference. Which is why I find NBC’s “The New Normal”… Continue Reading →

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