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Catholic Church Converting to Blair-ism

In a stunning move, the Catholic Church announced today that it is converting to Tony Blair-ism. The move comes on the heels of recent interviews given by the former Prime Minister, a recent Catholic convert, where he criticised the Church’s… Continue Reading →

Tony Is No Great Catch for Antediluvian Dictatorship

Anti-Catholicism is alive and well. Now that Tony Blair has joined the church, it seems that we have opened up new avenues for anti-Catholic expression. Check out this particular cup of vitriol disguised as a letter to the editor of… Continue Reading →

Tony Blair Now a Catholic! Really?

Six months after stepping down as Britain’s prime minister, Tony Blair has completed his long-expected conversion to Roman Catholicism from Britain’s established church, Anglicanism, according to the NY Times. Mr. Blair, now a Middle East envoy, was received into the… Continue Reading →

Papal Smackdown

In the absence of news, just make some up. Just a week after PM Tony Blair described the British press as a ‘feral beast” that “hunts in packs”, the press has shown that it refuses to learn anything. This weekend… Continue Reading →

Tony Visits Benny

In honor of Tony Blair’s audience with the Pope today, we republish today our speculation on how the conversation should proceed. Tony: Thank you so much for receiving us your Holiness. I bring you the warmest regards of all the… Continue Reading →

Blair Visits Pope

CWN is reporting that Tony Blair will visit with the Pope before leaving office. This is sure to stoke the speculation fires regarding Mr. Blair’s future entry into the Catholic Church. So we have decided to gaze into our crystal… Continue Reading →

Tony Blair, Catholic?

Newspapers in England including the Evening Standard are abuzz with rumours (notice I spelled it the English way) that Prime Minister Tony Blair may be on the verge of declaring himself a Catholic? It has long been speculated that Blair,… Continue Reading →

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