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Torture Works!

Sometimes torture works. Sometimes the death penalty saves innocent lives. But so what? Continue reading at the National Catholic Register>>>

Erin on Moral Clarity and Torture

This is Matt: We here at CMR have been huge fans of Erin Manning who blogs over at And Sometimes Tea. And so we wanted to have Erin write over here once a week for the next month as a… Continue Reading →

McCain Calls for Waterboarding Clemens

In a stunning move designed to make his candidacy more appealing to pro-torture conservatives, Sen. John McCain has called for the waterboarding of Cy Young Award winning pitcher Roger Clemens, who testified before Congress that he’d never taken steroids. “We’ll… Continue Reading →

Catholic Tortured in Pakistan

On the eve of his wedding, Sattar Masih, 28, was attacked by an angry mob of Muslims who beat and tortured him for allegedly blaspheming against Muhammad. Police moved in only to arrest him, according to Asia News. In prison,… Continue Reading →

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