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Church Converts By Being Rock of Stability…Bastards!

Our friends over at the virulently anti-catholic theTrumpet.com are hysterical over the proposed unity of several hundred thousand traditional Anglicans with the Church of Rome. We have reported before about how the Trumpet is convinced that these overtures are undeniable… Continue Reading →

Anglicans Reunite with Pope: Apocalypse to Follow

In the wake of the recent report that the Traditional Anglican Communion is seeking reunification with Rome, perennial CMR anti-catholic fave the TheTrumpet.com (we do love the kooks) predicts that we are doomed. This is a shocking development, considering the… Continue Reading →

Benedict’s Evangelical Blitzkrieg

The Philadelphia Church of God publishes a Magazine called the Trumpet. The current issue has an article on Pope Benedict that is certainly interesting. The language and point of view are interesting. The point of view is that of a… Continue Reading →

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