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Obama Calls Republicans “Enemies.”

Yup. President Obama who was supposed to heal the country’s divisions just called some Americans “enemies.” Guess which ones? Republicans. Yup. Enemies. This is disgusting. Kathryn Jean Lopez asks: “Did the President of the United States Describe Some Americans as… Continue Reading →

Without A Pope: Orthodoxy & Unity

I found this very interesting. The following is an excerpt of the remarks of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew at the Synaxis of the Heads of Orthodox Churches. It is a little long, but stick with me. And now, beloved brothers in… Continue Reading →

All That Faith Will Allow

There has been quite a stir these past days due to speculation that a substantial amount of traditional Anglican clergy may seek some form of corporate union with Rome. The Traditional Anglican Communion asked for the same thing last October… Continue Reading →

It’s The Humility, Stupid

I am struck by the contrast between two different stories on the subject of Christian unity that I noted yesterday. The stories are of two groups, ostensibly seeking full union with the Holy See. One is a group that professes… Continue Reading →

The Failure of Protestantism

From Online Opinion By Peter Sellick Let me propose an outrageous suggestion. The 16th century Reformers of the church had good cause to protest against a church that was drunk on power and greed and which had largely reduced the… Continue Reading →

Kasper the Unfriendly?

It is being reported by the Catholic Herald that Cardinal Kasper has expressed his personal ambivalence toward a potential reunification with those Anglicans part of the Traditional Anglican Communion. When asked whether he felt encouraged by the TAC’s request, the… Continue Reading →

Catholic, Orthodox Churches To Unite?

A joint commission working to heal the 1,000-year split between the Catholic and Orthodox churches has agreed that the Pope has primacy over all bishops. This is a very good thing. There are still come disagreements over just what that… Continue Reading →

Will The Real Anglicans Please Stand Up

Traditional Anglicans Comment on Proposed Unity with Rome As previously reported on CMR, the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC) has delivered a letter to the Holy See seeking full, corporate, sacramental union. While the TAC has prudently decided to keep mum… Continue Reading →

God Looks A Lot Like A Conservative Columnist, I Guess?

In a column entitled “Pope Statement Derails Religious Unity,” conservative columnist Armstrong Williams showed the world just how shallow and reactionary his thoughts truly are. I was so disappointed in Pope Benedict XVI and the Vatican for releasing a document… Continue Reading →

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