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Wow. USCCB Elects Abp. Dolan

The National Catholic Register reports some shocking news: New York Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan was elected president of the U.S. bishops’ conference at 10am this morning. The vote was 128-111 on the third ballot, a runoff in which he defeated… Continue Reading →

USCCB Urges “No” Vote on Defense Bill

Kudos to the USCCB and Cardinal Daniel DiNardo for standing up for life. Cardinal DiNardo has written Senators urging them not to pass the National Defense Authorization Act unless an amendment authorizing elective abortions at military hospitals is removed. He… Continue Reading →

Did Your Parish Mention Healthcare?

I was surprised this morning but my parish didn’t mention Congress’ healthcare plan as requested by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. My parish is very strongly pro-life but today we had a visiting priest so there might have… Continue Reading →

Bishops: Gov’t Not Always The Answer

The Kansas City Bishops wrote an important statement concerning universal health care that bucks the conventional wisdom concerning the USCCB and ObamaCare: The right of every individual to access health care does not necessarily suppose an obligation on the part… Continue Reading →

Are the U.S. Bishops Conservative?

The Washington Post in a story on the conscience clause which allows health care workers to refuse to perform actions they deem objectionable, the Washington Post had this paragraph: The rule is supported by a variety of conservative groups, including… Continue Reading →

Remedial Rubrics With Dick and Jane

Jeff Miller over at The Curt Jester is at it again with these new pictures. He has a way of taking situations that anger the rest of us and mocking it so we can laugh at it. By now I… Continue Reading →

U.S. Bishops Engage in Sympathy Boycott

While Hollywood makes at least a dozen anti-Catholic movies every years, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) announced today that they are coming out strong against a recently released movie, says Sify Movies. The USCCB is classifying the… Continue Reading →

Caveat Pre-Emptor

Yesterday,USCCB Committee on Divine Worship released its long awaited document on music in the liturgy Sing to the Lord: Music in Divine Worship. I wish to highlight one particular section of the document that speaks about Gregorian Chant and its… Continue Reading →

USKKKB – U.S. Konference of Katholic Kollaborating Bishops

Picture this scenario:Jane Doe has recently been appointed to a key position in the administration. One of the key roles of her new position is to insure and promote race equality. It is her job to insure that any legislation… Continue Reading →

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