While Hollywood makes at least a dozen anti-Catholic movies every years, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) announced today that they are coming out strong against a recently released movie, says Sify Movies.

The USCCB is classifying the new Mike Myers movie “The Love Guru” as morally offensive because it’s anti-Hindu.

Hindu leader Rajan zed, who is leading a campaigning against the movie for “lampooning” Hindus, is happy that other religious groups have taken up the cause and called the USCCB move a “remarkable inter-faith gesture”.

USCCB officials called the film “vulgar and tasteless”, saying it “wallows in endless penis jokes and fairly yucky potty humour.”

Sorry but I don’t remember this kind of outrage from the USCCB about all the virulently anti-Catholic movies which come out a few dozen times each year. I guess anti-Catholicism doesn’t rank as high as “yucky potty humor” for the USCCB.

If you recall, this is the same USCCB inexplicably gave the movie “The Golden Compass” a family-friendly A-II rating.

And “Agnes of God” which was about a nun accused of strangling a baby didn’t live up to the “morally offensive” classification.

Remember 1994’s “Priest”-that critically acclaimed drama where a young priest initiates several homosexual encounters, partly out of torment at his helplessness in stopping a case of incest revealed in confession. The USCCB described that cute little dramedy as a “credible picture of a lonely priest in a busy parish.” That movie also failed to receive the “Morally Offensive” classification from the USCCB.

So excuse me if I am a little suspicious about their politically correct sympathy condemnation of “The Love Guru.” Are these guys drunk? Off their meds? While the culture has turned rabid on all things Catholic, the USCCB picks a fight against “The Love Guru?” Now, that’s leadership.