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When Her Baby Died

Rebecca Frech of “Shoved to them” fame will be guest blogging around here once a week over the next month. We’re glad to have her. She’s a heckuva writer. This piece is really wonderful. Through a Mother’s Eyes When I… Continue Reading →

The Moment Before Mary Said Yes

I know that God knows all but there’s also free will and we can thwart God’s will. That’s what sin is, isn’t it? But I was just thinking today about the moment after the archangel Gabriel said, “Fear not, Mary,… Continue Reading →

Billboard Depicts Virgin Mary with a Home Pregnancy Test

A church in New Zealand has put up a billboard showing the Virgin Mary looking worriedly at a pregnancy test. This is brought to you by the same jerks that brought you this billboard last year. This church has fallen… Continue Reading →

Pamela Anderson Playing the Virgin Mary Says It All

Pamela Anderson, the silicon enhanced sex tape star and Playboy centerfold, will be playing the Virgin Mary in a sketch comedy show that will appear on the Comedy Network and in Canada. Anderson will play the mother of Jesus opposite… Continue Reading →

Image of Our Lady Made of Butterfly Wings

This was just too odd and wonderful not to pass on from George Matysek’s site. An image of Our Lady made entirely of butterfly wings. Don’t worry, supposedly no butterflies were hurt in the making of this art. Read the… Continue Reading →

Chittister Compares Feminist to Virgin Mary

This is sick. Sister Joan Chittister, who often makes ridiculous statements, eulogized radical feminist theologian Mary Daly and in doing so writes one of the most disgusting things I’ve read in a while. Sr. Joan compares Daly, who renounced the… Continue Reading →

Wait! I Thought He Was The Messiah?

I know we’ve all had it a little up to here with the whole Messiah complex from Obama. From the pictures of him with halos, to the electric crosses burning brightly behind him, to the “Jesus was a community organizer”… Continue Reading →

Do You Believe What I Have to Put With?

This is how I feel sometimes. Misunderstood by the world. Who else can you turn to? Who else is going to listen? This girl has it right. When the world doesn’t pay attention take it to the higher-ups. I saw… Continue Reading →

Britney Spears in Talks to Play Virgin Mary

Britney Spears is reportedly in talks to play the Virgin Mary in a re-imagining of the Nativity story, according to Digital Spy. French producer Phillippe Rebboah is believed to have asked the singer to portray Christ’s mother in satirical movie… Continue Reading →

The Theology of Yes

As a young man I struggled with the faith and through my own sheer idiocy lost it almost altogether for a while. I remember with some shame those times I spoke out against the faith. I read atheistic philosophy. I… Continue Reading →

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