Britney Spears is reportedly in talks to play the Virgin Mary in a re-imagining of the Nativity story, according to Digital Spy.

French producer Phillippe Rebboah is believed to have asked the singer to portray Christ’s mother in satirical movie Sweet Baby Jesus. He told Us Weekly: “I had to convince my partners, because they were like, ‘Oh, no. Britney?’ But I thought it was brilliant.”

The new version of the tale depicts Mary as a 19-year-old who is unsure of the identity of her unborn baby’s father. She goes into labour on Christmas Eve in Bethlehem, Maryland, amid claims that the birth is the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Ok. I’m down with this. Britney as the Mother of God. So let’s round out this cast a little.

John The Baptist – Kato Kaelin
Joseph – Fred Thompson (I think he’ll be unemployed real soon.)
Pilate – Gilbert Goddfried
Jesus as a kid – That kid from “Sixth Sense.” He was awesome in that.
The two criminals on the cross next to Jesus – Mary Kate and Ashley Olson

If you guys can think of some better casting options for apostles I’d love to hear them.