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WaPo: Iraq War Is Over! Just in Time

The front page of the Washington Post today declared the War in Iraq over. Who’d a thunk it, huh? Not even two months after the presidential election the media is finally discovers that Baghdad is safer than some American cities…. Continue Reading →

Deny Communion To Our Soldiers

War, huh, yeahWhat is it good forAbsolutely nothingUh-huhWar, huh, yeahWhat is it good forAbsolutely nothingSay it again, y’all Yesterday, Matthew posted a story about posthumous Medal of Honor recipient Michael Monsoor who sacrificed himself in order to save the lives… Continue Reading →

“I Will Go In Their Stead”

War is a failure. No two ways around it. War is a horrific example of our fallen nature but war itself doesn’t preclude love, honor, and sacrifice. In fact, when things are darkest, the light shines all the brighter. No… Continue Reading →

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