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Sebelius “AT WAR” with Pro-Lifers

Hey, remember when the Department of Homeland Security announced that pro-lifers were identified as possible terror threats. You thought that was bad? In what has to be the most alarming verbiage to come from the Obama administration in hours, HHS… Continue Reading →

New Movie: Cristiada!

OK. This looks pretty darn awesome. A new movie starring Andy Garcia chronicling the Cristeros War (1926-1929), which was touched off by a rebellion against the Mexican government’s attempt to secularize the country. The film’s website is here. HT Matthew… Continue Reading →

13 Slogans for the Previously Anti-War Left

13 New Slogans for the Anti-War Protesters who oddly don’t seem too upset by Obama’s…uhm…kinetic military actions. 1) All We are Saying is Give Bombs a Chance 2)Make Kinetic Military Actions, Not War. 3) We Will Fight Our Country’s Battles… Continue Reading →

On Veteran’s Day Remember the Grunt Priest

For Veterans Day we should remember all the soldiers who have done so much to preserve our freedom, especially Father Capodanno: Thanks to the Anchoress for posting this video.

Harry Reid, War Hero

In war, heroes often come out of nowhere. From the unlikeliest of places someone performs an act of heroism that stirs the passions of an entire country. In the Iraq War, Senator Harry Reid is that hero. From now on,… Continue Reading →

Soldier Saved by Rosary, Just like Grandfather

OK. This is a strange story that kind of leaves me with nothing to say. I’m not really sure what practical knowledge is gained. I can’t really tell my kids to always keep a rosary on them because there might… Continue Reading →


Patterico notices a bit of a nomenclature ploy coming out of the White House. As you all know, Gen. McChrystal is asking for more troops in Afghanistan. And this clearly shows that Gen. McChrystal is a selfish jerk who only… Continue Reading →

Code Pink’s Call to War?

You remember Code Pink, right? The anti-war organization that got tons of press attention against President George W. Bush’s War in Iraq, calling out to the country (but especially the media) with a “feisty call to wage peace.” But the… Continue Reading →

War on Terror is Over?

Whoo-hoo. Look at that Obama go. I gotta’ admit I had my doubts but the dude did it. I’m on my third shot of some blue drink here and the victory parade is about to begin…When are you comin’ over?… Continue Reading →

The President Said What?!!!!

You know that sneaking suspicion you had that Barack Obama just didn’t get it. Well, it looks like you were right. Today, our President compared the men and women getting bonuses from AIG to suicide bombers. Gateway Pundit reports: This… Continue Reading →

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