You know that sneaking suspicion you had that Barack Obama just didn’t get it. Well, it looks like you were right.

Today, our President compared the men and women getting bonuses from AIG to suicide bombers.

Gateway Pundit reports:

This was a sad moment for the country. President Obama hit a disgusting new low in the politics of moral equivalence.He compared the violence and death of a suicide bombing to the AIG bonus scandal. Pretty sick.

Gateway Pundit has the news link.

I’m getting a very bad feeling about the next four years. Very bad.

Just to ask a connected question. If AIG is a suicide bomber, what does that make Senator Chris Dodd who admitted that he was responsible for the executive bonus loophole. Some kind of terrorist mastermind?

And didn’t Dodd say that he did so at the request of administration officials. Wouldn’t that make Obama the ultimate terrorist in this case? Wouldn’t that make him…well…Obama bin Laden. (Hey! It’s his metaphor)

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