13 New Slogans for the Anti-War Protesters who oddly don’t seem too upset by Obama’s…uhm…kinetic military actions.

1) All We are Saying is Give Bombs a Chance

2)Make Kinetic Military Actions, Not War.

3) We Will Fight Our Country’s Battles from Madison Wisconsin to the Shores of Tripoli.

4) War! What is It Good For? Absolutely…uhm…raising poll numbers!

5) Vive Le France! (Just ’cause)

6) Obama Lied, But He’s On Our Side.

7) War is the Means, Poll Numbers the End.

8) See! He’s Not a Wimp!

9) No War for Oil, Don’t Drill Either

10) WWRWB, Who Would Rev. Wright Bomb?

11) These Colors Don’t Run…The World (War by Committee)

12) Protecting people from tyrannical thugs is what our military should be doing! Sometimes!

13) O-Bomb-A

If you’ve got any others, feel free to add them. I’d love to hear them.