For years I have fought my own nature, but no more.

Ever since I can remember, I have felt this way. It has always been just below the surface, but I have done my best to push it down. Way down.

Also ever since I can remember, when my ‘tendencies’ would become obvious, people would tell me that it is wrong. My parents, my teachers, and especially my priests would warn me, you can’t act that way, that the Bible says that it is wrong.

Now I know otherwise. I have been denying my true nature. There is a long-standing social stigma against people like me. We are put down and people do not like to associate with us. But the one thing I know is true is that I didn’t ask to be this way. It is not, I repeat NOT something I have chosen. It is who I am. Everyone in my life, for my 44 years, has forced me to deny it. To pretend. And I have listened to them, until now.

I was born this way, the way God made me. No more denying it. I will embrace it and finally be who I was made to be… >>> Continue Reading >>>