This would simply fly in the fact of reality. This would be the crowning achievement of subjective opinion over objective fact. So of course, it’ll probably happen.

SF Gate reports:

Joann Prinzivalli has gone through a lot to be a woman, and she wants her birth certificate to show it.

Born Paul Prinzivalli Jr., she says she knew her true identity was female by the time she was 4 and broached the subject with a mental-health adviser as a teenager. But it was decades before she bucked family expectations and social pressures, changed her name and underwent electrolysis and hormone treatment to make a change that cost Prinzivalli her spouse, family, home and job.

About 10 years later, she’s still a man in one important context: on her birth certificate. She’s been unable to change the gender listed on the document because of city rules that she and some other transgender people call discriminatory, intrusive and out of step with recent moves by the federal government and some states to make it easier for transgender people to change ID documents.

Perhaps he doesn’t understand what his transgender surgery accomplished. The reason he wanted the surgery is because he wanted to change something about himself. According to him he wanted to change from being a man to a woman. Well, first he had to be a man then which is what his birth certificate states.

I don’t think I understand this desire currently rampant in our culture to have everyone else recognize their delusions as reality. It reminds me of the gay marriage debate which seeks to codify one thing as another as if recognition from the state makes it right. Distorting reality in the name of tolerance is just a legalized distortion.