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Olympics Changes Rules on Transgender Athletes – Women Lose

*subhead*The end of women’s sports?*subhead* All of my daughters are athletes. It isn’t always easy when my daughter’s varsity basketball team plays after the boys, and the once full gym empties as the girls start their game. It is heart… Continue Reading →

Fight! Radical Feminism vs. Transgenderism

*subhead*The battle is on.*subhead* To be honest, this piece at The New Yorker is one of the most fascinating stories I have read in a long time. It opened my eyes to two foreign worlds that are in a battle… Continue Reading →

Transgender Student Files Complaint After Banned From All-Male Dorm

Here’s a story that details how looney we’ve become as a culture. A chick who says she’s a dude wants to be allowed to be an R.A. in the all male dorm at the University of Miami. The university pretty… Continue Reading →

NY To Cut Costs By Covering Transgender Surgery?

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo appointed a task force to “overhaul the Medicaid system” because it’s going broke. So what recommendations did the cost-cutting brain trust come up with? In a report they’ve recommended forcing taxpayers to pay for transgender… Continue Reading →

WWII Plan: Let’s Turn Hitler Into a Woman!

OK. This has got to be the stupidest plan ever considered. But you wanna’ talk about thinking outside the box, this is it. It seems the British hatched an awesomely bizarre plan to win the Second World War by turning… Continue Reading →

Puberty Blockers for Confused Pre-Teens?

Remember the good ol’ days when the baby came out of the womb you looked down and could announce, “you have a baby boy” or “You’ve got a girl.” Well, it turns out you have to wait a while before… Continue Reading →

Transgenders Want Birth Certificates Changed

This would simply fly in the fact of reality. This would be the crowning achievement of subjective opinion over objective fact. So of course, it’ll probably happen. SF Gate reports: Joann Prinzivalli has gone through a lot to be a… Continue Reading →

Freed from Jail as It Conflicted with Sex Change

A loony judge in the UK has freed a convicted drug dealer from prison because it conflicts with his scheduled sex change operation. Oh wait, his taxpayer funded sex change operation. I Hate the Media reports: A transsexual drug dealer… Continue Reading →

Transsexuals in the Military?

Transsexuals. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. With the Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell policy becoming a thing of the past, transsexuals are wondering when it’s going to be their turn. I’m wondering the same thing. CNS reports: Before handcuffing herself to… Continue Reading →

Transsexual Murderer Sues for Electrolysis

A transsexual convicted killer is suing the Department of Correction to have taxpayers pay for a new round of electrolysis and a sex-change operation. Thankfully the response from officials so far has been something like “Uhhhm…NO.” The Boston Herald reports:… Continue Reading →

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