OK. This has got to be the stupidest plan ever considered. But you wanna’ talk about thinking outside the box, this is it.

It seems the British hatched an awesomely bizarre plan to win the Second World War by turning Hitler into a WOMAN!!!

The Daily Mirror reports:

The Allies secretly schemed to smuggle female sex hormones into the Fuhrer’s food in an attempt to curb his ­aggression.

If the plot – like something out of TV comedy Blackadder – had gone ahead, it could have turned Herr Hitler into Her Hitler.

The plan was to sneak estrogen into Hitler’s food so he would “become more feminine and less ­aggressive.”

Uhm. So spies had access to Hitler’s food but they didn’t consider…I don’t know…poisoning him!

But it turns out that Hitler had taste testers. It seems to me though that you probably could’ve found a poison that maybe didn’t affect the tester for a while and then would kill the tester and Hitler maybe a few hours later. I don’t know but it seems to me there are some stops between the short-term “let’s give Hitler instant poison” and the long-term “let’s turn him into a woman” plan.

And I don’t know who came up with this plan but whoever had the crazy thought that an angry chick was easier to handle than an angry dude?

HT Free Republic