In war, heroes often come out of nowhere. From the unlikeliest of places someone performs an act of heroism that stirs the passions of an entire country.

In the Iraq War, Senator Harry Reid is that hero. From now on, Reid should only be referred to as the man who won the Iraq War.

Remember when Harry Reid bravely stood up and said “the war is lost.” In case, you’ve forgotten, please watch this heroic moment and bask in the patriotism because Harry Reid, “The man who won the Iraq War,” is saying that it was all a clever ploy to get George W. Bush to change his strategy and kick the Iraqi government in the behind.

And voila! Just a few years later we win. Coincidence? I think not.

Today, “the man who won the Iraq War,” explained his ploy in detail:

Sen. Reid and his colleagues were successful in forcing President Bush to finally abandon his failed approach and refocus on political reconciliation. This is what ultimately paved the way for the Iraqi government to take greater responsibility for Iraq’s future.

Weasel Zippers has the entire explanation and you should read it and memorize it and print it out and frame it and put it on your wall and look at it every morning before you start your day.

So just in case you’re not understanding the brilliance I’ll lay it out for you. Just as all the polls indicated the American public was losing confidence in the Iraq War and just as the media was despairing that the war was lost, Harry Reid, the Man who won the Iraq War, cleverly seemed to agree with them. But secretly he was just pretending to agree with the polls and the media in order to force President Bush to fight harder in the war that Reid and his cohorts called a distraction from the real war in Afghanistan. Brilliant!

When I think of all the media adulation he received for saying the war is lost all the while he was secretly fighting the war in his own brilliant way I just get all choked up.

Reid, the man who won the Iraq war, also had to risk demoralizing the troops in Iraq with his announcement that the war was lost. But clever clever Reid, the Man who won the Iraq War, knew that the troops in battle didn’t respect any utterance that escaped his pie hole anymore than they would the noises emanating from his other end.

So because I respect Harry Reid’s gambit so much as well as his strategy instead of calling him Harry Reid, the man who won the Iraq War, let’s call him something different during this election season. Just like Reid, we’ll say the exact opposite of what we really think. Let’s just call him Harry Reid, “the man who said the war was lost.” And we’ll tell everyone we were really pulling for him. Yeah, we’ll tell him the day after the election.