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Of Bloggery and Snobbery

Maggie Gallagher, whom I agree with on many issues, wrote a line in her review of “Julie and Julia” that jumped out at me. And not in a good way. She wrote of the main character Julie, this line:”Julie is… Continue Reading →

Walker Percy on the Great Abortion Con

I’ve been into the great Catholic authors of the 20th century. I’ve done Merton, O’Connor and now I’m reading Walker Percy novels now. Really strong writer and I’m enjoying him but he’s pretty heavy lifting. But here’s something he wrote… Continue Reading →

I Am Only A Father

The older I get the less I feel that I know. But the few things I feel confident in I surely expound on often. Such is the case here. I’ve been thinking about vocations since a good friend admitted to… Continue Reading →

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