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Month November 2009

Thanksgiving Reality

I love this video.

Oh Dear! Jurassic Ecumenism Lives

This picture is of Archbishop Nichols of Westminster. Visiting the leader of the Hindus,His Holiness Pramukh Swami Mahara, Archbishop Nichols..; well let”s let Archbishop Nichols own (original and now hastily amended) press release say it so that you don’t think… Continue Reading →

Is ‘Dogma’ a Dirty Word?

What’s in your dogma? On what belief do all your other beliefs rest? What’s that one belief from which all other beliefs and motives derive? I heard about two weeks ago a man say in conversation that he’s a Catholic… Continue Reading →

If Sarah Palin Were In Twilight

HT Viral Footage B6K9CXTZCYT5

Global Warming Catch-phrase Is No More

Truth be told, I feel a perverse glee at the unraveling of the greatest scientific hoax of all time. The Marxist front—ironically turned big business—global warming, has now been shown to be based in large part on purposeful fabrications (aka… Continue Reading →

Libs: Obamacare Destroys Private Insurance!!

File this under being hoisted by your own petard. I’ve come to learn that petards are dangerous because the only time you hear about them is when someone is hoisted by their own. We’ve been told for months by liberals… Continue Reading →

Funny Anti-Harry Reid Ad

Now, that’s an imaginative ad. HT Campaign Spot

He Heard Every Word!

This is horrendous. I don’t even want to imagine it because it freaks me out. A guy in a car crash was believed by doctors to be in a “vegetative state” for 23 years. BUT HE WAS CONSCIOUS THE ENTIRE… Continue Reading →

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Does Michael Sean Winters Hate Kennedy?

Does Michael Sean Winters hate Patrick Kennedy? I’m serious. If a friend of mine were running straight towards calamity I’d be inclined to yell out. Heck, even if an enemy of mine were dashing towards a ruinous end I’d be… Continue Reading →

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