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Month January 2010

Erin on Moral Clarity and Torture

This is Matt: We here at CMR have been huge fans of Erin Manning who blogs over at And Sometimes Tea. And so we wanted to have Erin write over here once a week for the next month as a… Continue Reading →

Natural and Unnatural

I was over a friend’s house picking up a buddy of mine this past weekend. He wasn’t ready so I ended up hanging out for a few minutes with his wife and her friend. I’d met the other woman before… Continue Reading →

Shock: Michael Moore Criticizes Obama on Haiti

Michael Moore, independent filmmaker and perennial critic of the Bush administration, has criticized the Obama administration for its response to the Haiti earthquake by saying the administration response is clunky and focused largely on Americans in Haiti. Moore also criticized… Continue Reading →

NOW Prez: “A Fetus Is Not a Life.”

CNN quoted NOW President Terry O’Neill saying something so outlandish I’m surprised CNN quoted it. Well not really but…you know. “A fetus is not a life, sorry,” NOW President Terry O’Neill told CNN. “And no, nobody’s religious conviction justifies taking… Continue Reading →

The NASCAR of Apologetics

I am a flawed man. I love to listen to Catholic apologetics. I listen to apologetics CDs, I read apologetic books, and I love to listen to apologetics on the radio. I suspect my reason for listening to apologetics on… Continue Reading →

Don’t Feed the Poor! They’ll Breed!

Margaret Sanger call your office. We’d like to throw you a victory party. Sanger who was very intent on stopping minorities and the poor from breeding, seems to have many disciples. Last year we learned Supreme Court Justice Ruth Vader… Continue Reading →

Jen F. Sees Hatred

Go check this one out at Inside Catholic. Jen Fulwiler writes about her trip to the March for Life. Of all the things I remember about the Texas March for Life in Austin last January, the memory that stands out… Continue Reading →

The Media Translation Machine

I’m convinced that the media has a huge clunky translation machine that automatically translates the preferred nomenclature of conservatives into liberal speak. I mean, there’s always a discrepancy between what conservatives wish to be called and what we are actually… Continue Reading →

3 Words To Drive “Progressive” Catholics Crazy

I’ve been running a Catholic blog for a few years now and have inadvertently come across certain words and phrases that just drive self described “progressive” Catholics crazy. Tweeters have been doing this a while concerning politics but I thought… Continue Reading →

Hilarious Media Bias on March for Life

Shhhh. 300,000+ people chanted, yelled and sung their way into Washington D.C. but somehow snuck past the mainstream media without their notice. Congratulations to the ordinary ministers of the media! Now, I could’ve missed it but after searching it seems… Continue Reading →

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