I’m convinced that the media has a huge clunky translation machine that automatically translates the preferred nomenclature of conservatives into liberal speak. I mean, there’s always a discrepancy between what conservatives wish to be called and what we are actually called by the media.

Reporters might type in “Pro-life” when describing us but when it runs through the media translation machine it whirrs and clunks and whizzes like something out of Star Trek and out comes…”Anti-abortion.”

There are many other changes the Media Translation Machine makes including:
Conservative = Right wing extremist
Believing Catholic = Fundamentalist
Tea Party attendee = Teabaggers
Partial birth abortion = The rarely done procedure which some opponents call partial birth abortion. (And that was a nomenclature victory for our side.)
Pro traditional marriage = Anti-gay
Believe God created the world = Creationist
Someone who questions Obama= Racist
Question Al Gore – a Global Warming Denier

I’m sure there’s a million others. Feel free to add them in the combox.