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Month August 2010

Father Breen Retracts Statements — Saves Job

The Case of the Heretical Priest from Nashville is closing, we hope. Fr. Joeseph Breen posted a video on his website and committed multiple counts of video heresy. CMR picked up the video and the story went national. Fr. Breen… Continue Reading →

Fast, Pray, Serve

This is the second post from Sherry Antonetti. We’re so happy to have her here but she sometimes puts her feet up on the furniture. So read this and check her blog out over at Chocolate for Your Brain: When… Continue Reading →

Mystic Monks Prepare to Build

Perhaps you’ve seen the rotating ads on CMR promoting the Mystic Monk coffee. Well, they do more than roast beans. They are a newly-founded energetic community of contemplative Carmelites known as the Monks of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary of… Continue Reading →

Move Over Mary Poppins!

I’ve been up all week in the Poconos with the family so that’s why posting has been light. (And Patrick is the laziest bones ever.) We’ve been doing all sorts of outdoorsy things but today is the day the kids… Continue Reading →

Colbert: Catholics Don’t Do Hip

Stephen Colbert has a little fun with CatholicTV.com. When Catholics try to be hip, people may get hurt. ht to Papist The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Pope’s Baseball Cap & CatholicTV<a> www.colbertnation.com Colbert Report Full Episodes… Continue Reading →

The Many Faces (Read Lies) Of Barney Frank

This speaks for itself.

New Pro-Life App for Priests

Who would have thought that us medieval religious types would embrace technology so much. I love how the pro-life movement is embracing technology and new media. I love the work of LifeNews.com and LifeSiteNews.com who do incredible work on the… Continue Reading →

Thank Heaven For Little Brothers

Well, for being made of frogs and snails and puppy-dogs’ tails, they sure do come in handy. In a study that underscores the value of family, researchers found that girls with big brothers go through puberty later and those with… Continue Reading →

The Secularized Cross

I’m agreeing with a group of litigious atheists when I say the cross is a religious symbol. Yesterday, a number of crosses honoring fallen police officers in Utah were deemed illegal by a federal judge, saying they violated the Establishment… Continue Reading →

Awesome Skateboarding Priest

The pastor of my church is constantly yelling at kids to stop skateboarding on church grounds. I guess he’d have to yell at this priest too. Check it out. The priest has mad skills. EMBED-Awesome Skateboarding Pastor – Watch more… Continue Reading →

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