I’ve been up all week in the Poconos with the family so that’s why posting has been light. (And Patrick is the laziest bones ever.) We’ve been doing all sorts of outdoorsy things but today is the day the kids have been talking about. NANNY MCPHEEE COMES OUT TODAY!!!!!

That was the first thing my five year old said when he came down the stairs this morning. So we’re going to see Nanny McPhee and then we’re going swimming in a lake even if the three year old thinks throwing seaweed at me is the height of comedy.

I figured we’d see the movie but was pleased as punch to read the glowing review. Check it out:

The second time is the charm with Nanny McPhee Returns, a sequel that improves on the original 2005 Nanny McPhee by more than a nose — even if it’s the bulbous nose of Nanny McPhee herself.

Based on Christianna Brand’s Nurse Matilda books and brought to the screen by writer and star Emma Thompson, the Nanny McPhee films relate the exploits of a magical but alarming-looking nanny — sort of Mary Poppins by way of Roald Dahl — who methodically teaches out-of-control children five significant lessons, such as saying thank you and doing what they’re told.

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