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Month January 2012

Them Some Darn Good Lookin’ Teachers

This school district better have the best looking teachers in America. Here’s evidence #1 why public sector unions are doing great damage to our country. The Atlantic reports: In Buffalo, New York, the heart of the American rust-belt, the public… Continue Reading →

Bishop: Obama Said ‘To Hell with Catholics!”

Bishop David A. Zubik of the Diocese of Pittsburg wrote a response to the recent outrageous HHS mandate. And it’s scathing. And perfect. And a must read. Here it is: It is really hard to believe that it happened. It… Continue Reading →

New Movie “The Vatican” Sure to Thrill Anti-Catholics

Hollywood will be making a movie about The Vatican. What could go wrong? Everything. And it’s even worse than you think. Continue reading at the National Catholic Register>>>

It Damn Well Is Worth Getting Angry About!

Watch this video from tonight’s GOP debate and answer me these questions. Why the hell is Santorum not leading the polls and what the hell is wrong with Mitt Romney. Obamacare is not worth getting angry about? Unreal. Please someone… Continue Reading →

Greatest College Sports Recruiting Vid…Evah!!!

This video is just too awesome not to share. It became an unintended hit on the Youtubes the last few days. Benedictine University in Chicago made this video and it looks like their video guys just got themselves hold of… Continue Reading →

Syance Sez I M Not Zo Smart

A bunch of reeel smarty pants type peeple who wear glassus and everything say ur dumb. Yup. If ur consurvative, your IQ is lowur than your tipical Occupy Wall Street geenyus. Here it is. Lyve Syunce reports: The research finds… Continue Reading →

October Baby

It’s the story of Hannah, a 19 year old girl who discovers she survived an attempted abortion when her mother was seven months pregnant. The story is loosely based on what happened in real life to Gianna Jessen and it… Continue Reading →

Erin Go Blech!

The funny Bad Vestments site has this bad St. Paddy’s day gift idea. BV recommends that if you have an Irish priest friend, buy him a bottle of Bushmills instead. I second that.

You Open With “I Killed Bin Laden?”

There have been many reviews of the President’s SOTU address the other night and there is general agreement that it was a weak performance. This is validated by the fact that even his fanboys are giving him crud. Take Jon… Continue Reading →

The Absurdity Of Abortion Language

The absurdity of abortion language is on full display in this great little ad. “So, is this your first clump of cells?” ht Catholic Vote

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