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Month January 2012

Class Warfare at Its Saddest

This is pretty hilarious. I’m not a Mitt Romney guy but truly, this is class warfare at its worst. I mean worst as in just so poorly done as to be laughable. Brad Woodhouse, the Democratic Party Communication Director sent… Continue Reading →

Kuwait A Second? Royal Prince Converts

Wow. There is guts and there is guts. Kuwaiti Royal Prince Abdullah al-Sabah has the kind of guts (and faith) I have a hard time understanding. He has publicly decalred his conversion to Christianity in a land where that will… Continue Reading →

“Good Christian B!#ches” Preview

Remember the show that was being talked about a few months ago “Good Christian B!#ches.” Well, there was a bit of outrage from the Christian community. You know how nutty those Christians are who are so sensitive that they don’t… Continue Reading →

You Just Bought Planned Parenthood Some Sweet Digs

In the past decade, abortion giant Planned Parenthood has received anywhere from $657 million to $2 billion from the federal government. The government is so inefficient and so willing to throw money at Planned Parenthood they can’t even figure out… Continue Reading →

Beautiful Vid: Christendom Leads March for Life

Christendom College led the March for Life. And as dark and wet and rainy the entire day was, it was also beautiful. Check out the vid:

Abortionists Horrified by Abortion.

The Center for Bioethical Reform last year took an online ad from an abortion clinic and edited in some darn graphic abortion footage. So while the abortion folks are chatting up abortion like it’s the most wonderful thing since sliced… Continue Reading →

Lies. Damnes Lies. And Obama

Listen. I have my differences with Glenn Beck. But he nails, nails this piece.

Cynthia Nixon Wasn’t “Born This Way.”

Cynthia Nixon of Sex and the City fame (or infamy?) is now dating a girl. She used to be straight and even had kids (by an actual man) but now she’s hitting for the other team. That’s all well and… Continue Reading →

A Sign Maybe You Should Homeschool

Any parent weighing the options between homeschooling and sending your kid to a public school just take a look at this sign that New York City painted in order to protect kids on the way to school. Yeah, these are… Continue Reading →

The Dumbest Phrase In The English Language Is…

What is the dumbest phrase in the English language? In a moment. As I grew up I learned the difference between good and evil, right and wrong. As a young man, the world was very black and white. Young men… Continue Reading →

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