The Center for Bioethical Reform last year took an online ad from an abortion clinic and edited in some darn graphic abortion footage. So while the abortion folks are chatting up abortion like it’s the most wonderful thing since sliced bread CBR edited in graphic abortion footage.

It’s pretty effective but it’s grisly as all get out so I won’t embed it but you can find it here.

So the abortion clinic in question, the Northland Family Planning Clinics, freaked. And I mean freaked. They lawyered up and are now suing the CBR for copyright infringement.

But the CBR doesn’t seem very cowed.In fact, because of the lawsuit, CBR had access to all the emails concerning the CBR by the abortionists. And what they uncovered is laughable and by laughable I mean horrific in its cognitive dissonance.

According to the CBR, “Northland’s owner, Renee Chelian, received an email message from another “Abortion Care Network” abortionist who told her our Angel of Light video “… holds you up to public scorn and ridicule and demeans your reputation”…

She replied that after seeing our Angel of Light video, “I am sick to my stomach ….”

So abortion footage makes her sick to her stomach!?!?

Ms. Chelian then added that “I am done crying now and just need to move forward but these people are so hateful and disrespectful I can’t stand it.”

CBR showed what these people do every single day and profit off of and they say showing it is “hateful” and “disrespectful?”

Mind you, these same people in their ad call abortion a “courageous” decision?

She said that she was worried that us pro-life nuts will use the ad to inspire “… anti-D&E legislation.” As CBR points out the term “D&E” refers to dilatation and extraction (or evacuation) abortions in which the arms and legs of babies are torn off and removed one appendage at a time.”

She explains further that pro-lifers “are looking for new ammunition since PBA [partial-birth abortion] is pretty much done.” Pretty much? I don’t remember the ban on partial birth abortion being a “pretty much” ban, do you?

Renee Chelian says finally”… this just makes me sick. But by now I have spent several hours crying and being miserable so I am putting on my big girl underpants and getting over it.” Several hours crying? Over what? The courageous decision? Perhaps she should pay attention to to her conscience which may be bothering her.

According to CBR, another abortionist sent Ms. Chelian a similar message saying: “I also watched [the Angel of Light video] and it was so painful to see such a sincere and good piece of work treated so shabbily. It’s really hard to have to confront these things, emotionally big downers.”

An emotionally big downer to see the ad edited with the reality of what they’re doing.

My thinking on this is that the Northland folks aren’t suing because they’re upset their commercial is being monkeyed with but because it’s showing the truth of abortion. And they can’t allow that. They are willing to sue to keep their activity in the dark. They seek to cover the hard truth with a glossy highly produced ad with soft lighting and softer words. When we shine the light of truth they recoil in horror, not at what we did but because they are confronted with themselves. And they are horrified.