This is pretty hilarious. I’m not a Mitt Romney guy but truly, this is class warfare at its worst. I mean worst as in just so poorly done as to be laughable.

Brad Woodhouse, the Democratic Party Communication Director sent out an email blasting Mitt Romney for being rich and out of touch but he says the Dems have a plan that shows how in touch they are:

After repeated calls, yesterday Mitt Romney released one year of his tax returns.

Even with this partial picture, one thing is abundantly clear: Mitt plays by very different rules than most Americans do.

He made $22 million in 2010 and paid just 13.9% in taxes on it — about half of what most middle-class Americans pay. And under his tax plan, he’d pay even less.

That’s the GOP plan. And last night, you saw ours.

In the State of the Union, President Obama told Congress he’ll continue to fight for the Buffett Rule.

Ha! Romney’s plan is the plan of a millionaire who’s out of touch so the Dems have a plan they call the Buffet rule. Yeah, Warren Buffet. The Billionaire.

Someone should’ve thought about that email a little bit longer before pressing “send.”

And mind you, the reason Romney paid 13.9% in taxes is because he gave so much away in charity.

He raked in about $42 million in 2010 and 2011. He paid $6.2 million to the taxman and donated a staggering $7 million to charity. That’s 16% of his income to charity.

In 2007, the Obamas gave about 5.7 per cent of their income. The Bidens gave an average of $369 to charity a year for the decade before he became Vice President – about 0.3 percent of their income.

But somehow Mitt is the patrician jerk who is out of touch with regular people, according to the Dems. It’s just like when Mitt gave $50 to a woman in need, all the Dems chortled because he actually gave his own money. They critiqued him for not supporting a government program. So you see, if you give your own money to help people you’re a jerk who probably has too much money. But if you support forcing people to giving the government money so the elites can dole it out then you’re a hero. Like Warren Buffet.