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Month January 2012

Allen West’s Home Run at March for Life

Wet and rainy. After a litany of…er…O.K. speeches from congress men and women from “the great state of…” Allen West came up to the microphone. And he electrified the crowd. Absolutely electrified everyone. Check him out. It’s short, hits hard,… Continue Reading →

Back from the March!

I took the five kids down to D.C. for the March where we met up with Pat and a few of his kids. And our mother came down too. I’m writing this because I just got home and put the… Continue Reading →

At the SBA List

We are at the SBA List Hq in DC and that have this awesome framed picture of a post we did calling them the Dick Butkus of the prolife movement

Not So Fast NeoCats

Well it turns out that the approval of the Neocatechumenal rites was not exactly what everyone thought. Not even close. VATICAN CITY, January 23, 2012 – Before the audience with Benedict XVI three days ago, the rumor within the Neocatechumenal… Continue Reading →

Archbolds For Life: Off to DC

Matt and I are off to DC with kids in tow to march for the rights of the unborn. We will be visiting the SBA list offices in the morning before the rally and then marching with a million of… Continue Reading →

Is It Unchristian to Not Trust Newt?

Pat’s been pretty tough on Newt here and he’s gotten some pretty nasty hate mail in return on that. But we’re cool with that. You want to see hate mail, check out the times that Pat said nasty things about… Continue Reading →

Hey, Has Anyone Seen My GOP to KKK Decoder Ring

I’m feeling a little inadequate recently because I keep reading and seeing on television that Republicans are speaking in code. I keep seeing that everything they say implied racism. But I have a confession to make. I think I’ve misplaced… Continue Reading →

Outrageous HHS Final Rule: Catholic Groups Must Cover Contraceptives

This is outrageous. HHS has issued its final ruling on exemptions from contraceptive coverage for health plans even in the face of religious obejctions. Too bad. And in what passes for compromise for the lunatic secular left currently running the… Continue Reading →

Some Things Moms Can’t Do

I’m used to being the only Dad wherever I go in a sea of Moms. A few days ago I was at my daughter’s basketball game. I sat with my other four children in the bleachers cheering my daughter near… Continue Reading →

Pastor “Sexperiments” with Wife on Roof of Church

Making me very thankful that Roman Catholic priests don’t marry, a pastor and his wife “sexperimented” on the roof of their Church for 24 hours. And they called the media, of course. I mean, why “sexperiment” if there aren’t cameras… Continue Reading →

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