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Month January 2014

Skype Exorcisms. Seriously.

“Real exorcist” Bob Larson (that’s how he bills himself) is advertising that you too can have an exorcism done in the comforts of your own home. I’m not kidding. His website advertises that this is ”your chance to receive ministry…from… Continue Reading →

WIth Biden, You Can Make This Stuff Up

It turns out, you can make this stuff up, at least when it comes to Biden. A few weeks ago when Bob Gates released his book, he said that Biden has been wrong on every major policy decision. As joke,… Continue Reading →

Searching for a Catholic High School

I have been looking at different Catholic high schools for my 8th grader. So we went on the tours and she “shadowed” (which is to say, attended for a day) at several schools and I met many people in the… Continue Reading →

Babies Or Us

This is the contraceptive mentality come full circle. A liberal Dem. Senator has linked artificial birth control to our prosperity. Can’t have one without the other, says she. Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) says it was women joining the workforce after… Continue Reading →

This is What You Get When Rolling Stone Puts Pope Francis on the Cover

There’s something weird about Pope Francis being on the cover of Rolling Stone. Seems kinda’ sad to me. I do find it hilarious when publications which have declared the Church irrelevant for years put the pope on their cover in… Continue Reading →

So The Church is Irrelevant?

Not so much. HT Catholic Memes *subhead*No.*subhead*

I Think Al Gore Really Doesn’t Like Africans

At the most recent World Economic Forum, Nobel Prize winner and off-his-meds-crazy Al Gore channeled his inner Margaret Sanger and expressed his view that other than climate change the biggest threat to the world is the number of Africans. Oh,… Continue Reading →

Bibles are the New Gun

An autistic child was told by his teacher in a Detroit public school that he was not allowed to bring his Bible to school. Christian News reports: Jessica Cross of Dearborn Heights told WJBK that her autistic son, Jason, would… Continue Reading →

I Love the Rainbow Wiggle Lady

I want her as my grandmother, not even in an ironically awesome way. You know that anything you did she’d be just flipping out in praise, no matter how terrible it was. This is hilarious. She’s the type of grandmother… Continue Reading →

No, Seriously. The AP Said This

This may seem like the Onion or Eye of the Tiber. It is not. In a story about Pope Francis’ remarks about the expanded role women should play in the Church, the Associated Press dropped in this little nugget. This… Continue Reading →

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