“Real exorcist” Bob Larson (that’s how he bills himself) is advertising that you too can have an exorcism done in the comforts of your own home. I’m not kidding. His website advertises that this is ”your chance to receive ministry…from the quiet and comfort of your own home…Experience healing and delivery at YOUR CONVENIENCE.”

And you know, the evil spirit will be totes cool with you sitting down at your computer and going through with that, right?

Hmmm. If only there were a way to help people a long distance away. Oh yeah, it’s called prayer. But you don’t get on CNN for praying for people. You see, you’ve got to have a hook. Something catchy to get media exposure. Something tells me that Anderson Cooper wasn’t on Bob Larson’s website and saw a link for online exorcisms. No, this thing got done because Bob Larson probably sent a press release out and CNN thought it looked like a delightful way to spend a day mocking Christians.

This is pretty painful to watch. It’s like CNN interviewing a bad B-Movie.

HT Vocativ