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Month February 2017

Comedy Show Has Pro-Choice Men Thank Women for Abortions. Some Truth Here.

The TV Land show “Throwing Shade” did a skit in which “Various pro-choice men let their voices be heard and say ‘thank you’ to the smart ladies in their lives for having an abortion.” Because nothing says comedy like the… Continue Reading →

The Left Made Milo. The Right Just Knew The Left Hated Him.

I was busy so I didn’t get a chance to write about MILO. All of a sudden he’s everywhere. I feel bad for the guy. I’m not saying he didn’t bring it on himself but to have a book contract… Continue Reading →

Why Don’t They Just Outlaw Christianity?

Johm Zmirak wonders “Why Don’t Secularists Just Be Honest and Outlaw Christianity?” The answer is simple. They’d rather not have the debate. They’ll do it Grima Wormtongue style. I mean, why pick a fight when you’re already winning. Zmirak is… Continue Reading →

President Trump, This is Why Many Christians Voted for You

They call it “holding their nose.” And many Christians who were wary of Donald Trump, worried about specific policies, or disgusted by some of his personal behavior still voted for him because he vowed to nominate pro-life conservative judges and… Continue Reading →

Church of England Rejects Report Reccomending Traditional Marriage

So a committee in the Church of England was assigned a task to recommend church policies about gays and marriage and the whole thing. They came back and recommended that the C of E should adopt a “fresh tone and… Continue Reading →

Headlines: Crazy Nazi Steve Bannon Wanted to Make a Crazy Nazi Movie About Crazy Nazis…WITH MEL GIBSON!!!

So the headlines surrounding White House aide Steven Bannon all seem to be saying that he, at one time, was trying to make a movie about Nazis and eugenics and Hitler and stuff. That proves he’s a Nazi, right? Or… Continue Reading →

An Immigration Lawyer Defends Archbishop Chaput from Media Calumny

The intentional mischaracterization of Archbishop Charles Chaput has been rampant in recent years, especially this past year. But in truth he is one of the shining examples of faith in the Church today. In the Philadelphia Daily News, an immigration… Continue Reading →

Good Housekeeping Wonders Where Have the Down Syndrome Children Gone

Good Housekeeping asks, “Where have all the Kids with Down Syndrome Gone?” I think a better question would be “What have we done to the kids with Down Syndrome?” Worth a read. *subhead*Disappear.*subhead*

NYT Posts Pic of Severed Head of Trump Advisor on a Pike

I almost couldn’t believe it but then I was like, “of course the New York Times would publish a picture of the severed head of a Trump advisor Stephen Miller’s head on a pike.” White House adviser Stephen Miller became… Continue Reading →

Tell Me Again There’s No LInk Between Darwinism and Eugenics

Please tell me again how there’s no link whatsoever between Darwinism and eugenics. “With savages, the weak in body or mind are soon eliminated; and those that survive commonly exhibit a vigorous state of health. We civilised men, on the… Continue Reading →

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