I was busy so I didn’t get a chance to write about MILO. All of a sudden he’s everywhere. I feel bad for the guy. I’m not saying he didn’t bring it on himself but to have a book contract and $250,000 coming your way only to have it yanked is a big deal, especially when it’s because you’re said to be in support of pedophilia. I feel bad for the guy because he said he was abused by a priest. I guess I take him at his word. He’s going through a rough time. I haven’t said a prayer for the guy but I’m thinking I probably should.

He’s certainly smart and witty. But he doesn’t seem happy, does he? And he can be pretty mean to people. I mean, there’s a difference between being politically incorrect and mean. So that’s all just to say I’m not a fan. And I’m not saying it in that understated way like people do to say they actively hate someone. I’m just not a fan. Milo didn’t occupy much of my thinking, except the thought that I noticed someone taking Ann Coulter’s shtick to the nth degree. I don’t think I’ve ever even written about him before. Maybe but I don’t think so. I’ve seen the YouTube videos of him and like I said, sometimes he’s right. But more often it just seemed to me like he was putting on a FABULOUS show of which he was the star.

But from what I’m reading now, it seems that Milo has said some pretty anti-Semitic things and does he support pedophilia? I don’t know. I guess it depends on what he meant by the term “boy.” It did sound pretty bad. But Milo rose to prominence because he said outrageous things. It’s hardly surprising that he said something over the line.

But the thing is, Milo rose to prominence because he wasn’t allowed to speak, not because of what he was saying. It’s a pretty important distinction. The left made Milo a thing, not the right. And some on the right began hailing him simply because the left hated him and attempted to silence him. But having the left hate him doesn’t make him someone to listen to.

But what’s of interest to me is that here you have this homosexual who’s very OUT AND PROUD and he was invited to CPAC, a conservative organization, to speak BECAUSE THE LEFT HATED HIM. But conservatism must stand for something more than being against the left. I get it. Those guys have been pushing conservatives around for decades. But conservatives must be careful to simply not become an anti-left organization. It has to stand for something or it will find itself defending the indefensible.