They call it “holding their nose.” And many Christians who were wary of Donald Trump, worried about specific policies, or disgusted by some of his personal behavior still voted for him because he vowed to nominate pro-life conservative judges and to cease the Obama administration’s war on religious liberty. (His press conferences are just a fun bonus.) Many serious Christians were berated and hectored in incredulous tones with phrases like, “How could you?!!!!” or “No faithful Christian could ever support Trump!!!” 

But many Christians did vote for Trump. According to one study, Trump won 52 percent of the Catholic vote, 58 percent of the Protestant vote, and 81 percent of the white evangelical Christian vote. And now their faith in Trump may be shown to be well placed. Or it won’t.

Recently, it came to light that the Trump administration was mulling an executive order that would protect religious liberties. Many religious people are understandably excited because they’re hoping that unlike so many politicians, Donald Trump may be true to his word that he will defend religious liberty. Please recall his words at the National Prayer Breakfast when he said, “My administration will do everything in its power to defend and protect religious liberty.”

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