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Month March 2017

Priest Helps Illegals Get Abortifacients to Cross the Border

Abortifacient distributing priest at the border? Check. Isn’t this one of the signs of the end times? Pestilence, War, and Abortifacient dealing priests. If it ain’t it should be. The Guardian reports: “Unfortunately, the woman who is going to migrate,… Continue Reading →

End St. Patrick’s Day Because It’s a White Church Holiday or Something

This hashtag #EndStPatricksday is trending in liberal circles. They are seemingly anti-St. Patrick’s day because it’s about promoting “whiteness” or something. This one struck me funny, though. Q: isn't St Patrick's day is a catholic holiday? A: and? the catholic… Continue Reading →

Matt’s Roundup: Georgetown Supports Pro-Abortion Club; Pope Francis Says Teach Sacred Music

Georgetown supports pro-abortion medical students club Georgetown University has a long history of inviting and/or honoring pro-abortion politicians and academics. Last year, the Jesuit University invited Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards to speak on campus. In previous years, they invited… Continue Reading →

The EU Says Religious Discrimination is OK

A European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled employers are free to ban religious symbols from the workplace. The case came to the court because two Muslim women were fired for refusing to remove their headscarf. Of course, the implications for… Continue Reading →

Alabama Protects Religious Liberty to Adoption Agencies

The Alabama House protected faith-based adoption clinics and foster care agencies with a bill protecting them from being forced to place children with same-sex parents. The bill passed 60-14. Alabama passed it, according to one state representative because some other… Continue Reading →

Alito: We Must “Evangelize our Fellow Americans” on Religious Freedom

Supreme Court justice Samuel Alito recently said that we must “evangelize” America about religious freedom or we’re going to lose it. You see, it used to be enough that it was a guaranteed right in the constitution but ha. We… Continue Reading →

Study: Atheists Could Die Out Because They Heart Birth Control

A new study says atheists will eventually die out because religious people tend to have larger families. I’m not sure this study holds up at all. In fact, I don’t believe there’s any way it’s true. It’s essentially the same… Continue Reading →

Tucker Grills Planned Parenthood Official Who Instantly Morphs into Soundbyte Spouting Robot

This Planned Parenthood official instantly morphs into soundbyte spouting robot when asked what is being aborted. Tucker astounded she just talks about rights and attacking pro-lifers as heartless. As Tucker calls it, a “uniquely shallow conversation” that’s worth watching just… Continue Reading →

Parenthood Linked to Longer Life

I don’t know if it’s children that should be linked to a longer life or grandchildren. But I guess you can’t have one without the other. YahooNews: Parents, take courage. If you survive the sleep deprivation, toddler tantrums and teenage… Continue Reading →

College Students Don’t Believe Religious Freedom is for Christians

This isn’t shocking. But it’s horrifying. And illuminating. I like when organizations like the Alliance Defending Freedom interview young people because they are truly indicative of where the media and our elites are taking us. *subhead*No Christians.*subhead*

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