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Month December 2017

NY Times: Uhm, It Turns Out That Contraception Does Cause Cancer.

Old NY Times: It’s nuts to say that modern contraceptives cause an increase in breast cancer. New NY Times: Uhm. “The study, which followed 1.8 million Danish women for more than a decade, upends widely held assumptions about modern contraceptives… Continue Reading →

Nothing Says Christmas Like a HIllary Angel on your Tree!

Hey, there’s no better way to celebrate the birth of our Savior than with a failed pro-abortion politician on top of your tree. HT twitchy *subhead*Yikes.*subhead*

Priest Targeted, Killed in Phillipines

Fides.org: Marcelito Paez, called Tito, an elderly priest of the diocese of San Jose, was killed in the Philippines. As confirmed by Bishop Roberto Mallari, who leads the community of San Jose, in the central part of the Filipino island… Continue Reading →

Shock News! People OK with Killing the Unborn are OK with Beating Teenagers!

In the least shocking twist in our national saga, a woman who supports mutilating small babies when they are inconvenient, felt it was perfectly fine to slap around a teenage girl who was inconveniently reminding her that all life is… Continue Reading →

Tuesday is Justice Anthony Kennedy Day!!! Oh Wait, That’s Every Day

Tuesday is the day the entire country bows its head and grovels in front of the great Anthony Kennedy, the black robed overlord of all things legal. Ladies and gentleman, it is Anthony Kennedy’s world and we’re just living in… Continue Reading →

Newsweek Mocks Trump Calling Joseph, Jesus’ Father

Newsweek will stop at nothing to attack Trump. But leave it to these media blowhards to pretend like they’re defending Christianity from Trump and break a commandment while they’re doing it. Newsweek: Sweet Jesus, Donald Trump doesn’t even understand the… Continue Reading →

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