In the least shocking twist in our national saga, a woman who supports mutilating small babies when they are inconvenient, felt it was perfectly fine to slap around a teenage girl who was inconveniently reminding her that all life is sacred. So yeah, she kinda’ brought it on herself.

The attack on the 15 year old girl occurred across the street from a Planned Parenthood in Roanoke Virginia. A Liberty University student captured the incident on film. You know, that university that earns a roll of the eyes from liberals just at the mere mention of the name. But here’s the thing. This young girl who was affiliated with Students for Life of America was ACROSS THE STREET ON PUBLIC PROPERTY! But that’s not good enough because those who believe in the right to kill others also feel it’s within their rights to beat you down for mentioning God and that maybe…y’know…killing people is not an optimal event.

Mind you, if this were a case where a pro-lifer smacked a pregnant woman upside the head, we’d have the ladies from The View doing location shots. Rachel Maddow would already be furrowing her eyebrows about the troubling rise in anti-abortion violence brought on by Donald Trump. And Wolf Blitzer would still be talking about Russia so no change there but you know what I mean. But truly, this incident will not be seen as pro-choice violence. Nope. This is an aberration. A local crime story as they say.

Oh wait, this just in, ABC’s Brian Ross is reporting that the 15 year old may be Donald Trump’s angry love child who may have been shouting Tea Party rhetoric at the poor women who thankfully had brass knuckles in her purse to fend her off…from across the street.

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