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The Crying Time

I was a bit young at the time to take it all, but I thought we were past it. They stopped testing us in school and masks were few and far between. I guess the general consensus then was that… Continue Reading →

The Broken Universe

Science, good science needs many fewer mathematicians and many more engineers who care to see how things actually work before falling in love with a formula. Great advances in engineering drive our advancement. Things work or they don’t. People ask… Continue Reading →

Not so fast. The Very Misleading Article By a Priest on Drugs And Abortion Testing

By Dr. Brian Kopp This article by progressive Patheos Legionaries of Christ priest blogger Fr. Matthew Schneider LC was deliberately intended to confuse or mock conservative/orthodox pro life individuals like Bishop Schneider, Fr. Ripperger and others who opposed Covid vaccines… Continue Reading →

Insanity: NY Hospital refuses Med that made man better. He Sues For It!

There is copious evidence that Ivermectin, used safely the world over as an anit-parasitic, may be the magic bullet of Covid therapeutics. But nobody is interested is in therapeutics anymore. And the CDC refuses to endorse its use (of course!)…. Continue Reading →

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