Science, good science needs many fewer mathematicians and many more engineers who care to see how things actually work before falling in love with a formula. Great advances in engineering drive our advancement. Things work or they don’t.

People ask how can you love a God you’ve never seen. I say “Ask a cosmologist or astrophysicist” about dark energy or matter. I’ve seen much more evidence of my God than they of theirs.

Future people of reason will look upon the last century as a triumph of engineering & a tragedy of a lost century in cosmology and astrophysics. The only real black hole that gobbled up careers, publications, & gobs of money in pursuit of esoteric fancies of dubious intellects.

So much of what is known today will have to be unknown by our children for any real understanding of this beautiful universe. They will weep for the lost time of incredible minds.

Perhaps none must repent more of this folly that those coreligionists who defend any and all fashionable scientific as beyond dogmatic doubt. When the truth of these creations and structures scream out the Glory of its Creator.

Alas and alack I am unlikely to see the day when many of those thin edifices disguising themselves as massive structures blow over with the steady winds of reason. But that day is coming, either is this misunderstood world or the glorious next.