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9/11. A Prayer

O God of love, compassion, and healing,look on us, people of many different faithsand traditions,who gather today at this site,the scene of incredible violence and pain.We ask you in your goodnessto give eternal light and peaceto all who died here—the… Continue Reading →

L’Osservatore Romano Commemorates 9-11 In Odd Way

I do feel badly for good Islamic folks who feel awkward when they go out or feel like they’re being looked at or judged. And I’m pretty sure that’s a valid topic for us to check out. But for L’Osservatore… Continue Reading →

Bloomberg: No Clergy Invited to 9-11 Ceremony

There’s no way this isn’t intentional. It’s pretty outrageous in light of the sacrifice of Fr. Mychal Judge on 9-11. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has refused to invite any member of the clergy to have a role in the ceremony marking… Continue Reading →

Wacko Atheists Sue Over WTC Cross

On that bright September 11th morning almost 10 years ago, Muslim terrorists took down the World Trade Center, and amid all the heartbreak, dust, and rubble two intersecting steel beams stood impossibly in the shape of a cross giving comfort… Continue Reading →

Let the Scales Fall from our Eyes

This post was written by a CMR friend who goes by the name “Eponymous.” The mainstream media would have us believe that Imam Rauf is a bridgebuilder. The Imam has stated as much and we should initially accept him at… Continue Reading →

Remember. And Pray

Pray for America. Pray for the souls of the departed on that terrible day, including the firefighters who rushed in to help when every one else ran out. Pray for the families of the departed, may they be comforted. And… Continue Reading →

CMR Distances Itself from Jen Merkel

CMR friend Jen Merkel has the audacity to disagree with her betters in the government. Surely her insolence will be repaid by a visit from the authorities. If Jen gets picked up by the feds I just hope she doesn’t… Continue Reading →

Scariest Video Ever

For any of you who wonder if many Americans have really forgotten the horror of 9-11, check this out. And then weep. HT Moonbattery

What?! Obama Oil Spill “Echoes” 9/11

Ok. Obama should now be forced to wear a sign which reads “I don’t get it.” Weasel Zippers reports: Here we go. The Politico is reporting that President Barack Obama told columnist Roger Simon that the Gulf Oil Spill “echoes… Continue Reading →

This Was Covered. This Was Mostly Ignored

This protest outside the Scripps Spelling Bee was covered by the mainstream media. The protest was two or three people urging that English words should be made less difficult to spell. They said words like “enough” should be spelled “enuff.”… Continue Reading →

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